continued to perform at a high

Kind of runs is more like what we saw from Tiger for so many years where he just continued to perform at a high level every time he pegged it up, Adam Scott said. He keeps that going, then he on track to being one of the greatest players that ever played, because he got all the weapons. Will get a better sense this week if he still on track or if he starting over..

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They are fighting destiny it seems

They are fighting destiny it seems.14.1: de Grandhomme to M Singh, FOUR! Precious timing! Length delivery around off, Mandeep waits for it and guides it past backward point for a boundary. The batsmen have run through for a single.13.4: S Narine to T Head, SIX! Much needed! Tosses this one around off, Head swings his bat powerfully across the line, makes decent contact and manages to just cross the ropes at mid wicket for a biggie.13.3: S Narine to M Singh, A bit short outside off, Singh punches it towards covers for a single.13.2: S Narine to M Singh, NOT OUT! Fuller delivery around off, Mandeep Singh heaves it through the mid wicket region. Calls for a second and Colin de Grandhomme throws it to the striker’s end.

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