Who knows how many candidates I’ve supported whose policies

“Lysistrata” was written in verse, while most of “Chi Raq” unfolds in rhyme or, on occasion, song. Thanks to the familiarity of rap music and to the patchwork, surreal style of Lee’s storytelling here, this conceit seems almost natural. In fact, the movie is at its most irresistible when it embraces the glorious fun of words.

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Fingerlings Monkey Subsidizing a boat to custom catch fish for Saison is an expensive proposition. There is also the cost of the seaweed forager and the poultry ranchers who raise pigeons to Saison’s exact specifications. Mr. Who knows how many candidates I’ve supported whose policies turned out to be adverse to those whom I know and love. If only for the sake of my son, his cousins and his friends, I reserve judgement on whether Smith is an acceptable candidate. As with Stewart, the proof is always in the pudding:. Fingerlings Monkey

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