Roughly 80 percent of Greeks want to remain in the EU

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Doc’s mother died of tuberculosis when he was 15

I slept in, and then visited Han City (formerly known as Fengshine Market). They were selling a bunch of souvenirs, and we were able to take a little tour. Klay (Thompson), Seth (Curry) and I went, a bunch of the staff went and a lot of the coaches went.

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The Cannes Film Festival, which continues through May 21 under a so far unclouded Mediterranean sun, constitutes a strange and wonderful world of its own. Where any normal newspaper would carry a picture of stern faced politicians shaking hands on its front page, the largest local daily, Nice Matin, substitutes a color shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, under the inch high headline “Le sommet du muscle.” The “summit” in question actually is a dinner for the production company Carolco, which is financing the hulking duo’s upcoming films, and its news value is less than nil. Class.

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Mayo Clinic offers a continuum of care throughout every stage

Sarah. You refer to inseminated pregnancies. Do you mean in vitro pregnancies? They are two very different procedures, as I sure you know.

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